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Sometimes it's hard to find conversation topics when you are with friends. It could be hard to find anything they don't already know, but I think it also depends on the relationship you have with the friends. Today I was with some friends and somehow we always have things to talk about, even if we talk to each other every day. Thinking back I wouldn't even know all the things we discussed anymore, but it's probably our usual topics and we never get bored. It's very nice to have such friends; I feel really comfortable with them.

coffee time

On my way back from the hospital I wanted to visit a friend. She has her office at home and she supposed to be at home during the week. But unfortunately she was not home. I really was looking forward for some coffee or tea with her. It has been a while that we have spoken to each other. I tried to call her but she did not answer her phone. She might have taken the car to somewhere because her car was gone. After some minutes I decided to go home. When I was home my phone rang and ...